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Just a decade ago, artificial intelligence (AI)—computer systems capable of learning and performing tasks that previously required humans—seemed light years away from being a broadly accessible and useful scientific tool. But a new age of discovery is dawning, and we are leading the revolution.

Caltech has a distinguished history of pioneering new fields, inventing powerful new instruments, and tackling the most difficult problems in science and engineering. Our small size breaks down barriers between diverse branches of knowledge, giving us a distinctive advantage in integrating AI with other disciplines. In recent years, nearly half of our faculty have collaborated on projects involving modern AI tools. And nearly half of our undergraduates major, double-major, or minor in computing and mathematical sciences.

Breakthroughs in AI and machine learning are driving progress on the world's most pressing problems. From earthquake early-warning systems and the first-ever image of a black hole to more accurate climate models and devices that restore locomotion to people who have suffered spinal cord injuries or strokes, Caltech researchers are using AI to accelerate progress in nearly every field of science and engineering.

With your support, the possibilities are limitless.

To start a conversation about how you can get involved, contact:

Joseph Shea
Senior Director of Development, Engineering and Applied Sciences
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