Electrical Engineering Advisory Council


Mr. Abdo (George) Kadifa
(MS ’82 EE)

Managing Director
Sumeru Equity Partners


Dr. Ichiro Aoki
(MS ’99 EE, PhD ’02 EE)

Cofounder, President, and Board Member
indie Semiconductor

Dr. Edmund K. Cheng
(MS ’73 EE, PhD ’76 EE)

Former President and CEO
Gradient Design Automation

Dr. Peter O. Clark
(MS ’61 EE, PhD ’64 EE)

Senior Engineering and Management Consultant

Mr. Gary Clinard
(BS ’65 ENG, MS ’66 ME)

Founder and Former CEO
Monitor Dynamics, Inc. (MDI)

Dr. Nadim I. Maluf
(MS ’85 EE)

CEO and Cofounder
Qnovo Corporation

Mr. Pirooz Parvarandeh
(BS ’81 EE, MS ’82 EE)

Senior Technical Adviser/Consultant

Trustee Advisers

Mr. Robert T. (Ted) Jenkins
(BS ’65 ENG, MS ’66 EE)

Dr. Philip M. Neches
(BS ’73 ENG, MS ’77 ES, PhD ’83 CS)

Venture Partner
Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator
New York City

Mr. Charles R. Trimble
(BS ’63 ENG, MS ’64 EE)