Issue 10: January 2020

Persons of Interest

Groundbreaking science and engineering start with people. In this issue of our campaign e-magazine, you will meet bioinspired engineers, earthquake modelers, sustainability scientists, discipline-crossing undergraduates, and donors who propel discovery at Caltech.

On the cover: Conversations spark creativity and collaborations at Red Door Marketplace in Caltech’s Hameetman Center, named for trustee Fred Hameetman (BS ’62) and his wife, Joyce.


A Break Through Trio

The biomechanical fundamentals of flight, new ways to pinpoint brain cells that are linked to disease, and the fate of our private data: These are just a few areas where Caltech’s Break Through campaign fuels groundbreaking research.


A Bright Future

Resnick Fellow Kyle Virgil aims to create a more sustainable future. Trustee Stewart Resnick and his wife, Lynda, founders of The Wonderful Company, are helping to make this work possible. In September 2019, they increased their investment in Caltech’s Resnick Sustainability Institute with a new commitment of $750 million.

Interactive Gallery

In Honor Of

Caltech’s legacy is built on 100-plus years of achievement by visionary researchers and their supporters. During Break Through: The Caltech Campaign, hundreds of donors have made gifts in honor of Caltech luminaries to celebrate the Institute’s past and help secure a prosperous future.

60-Second Science

CS+X = Something Interesting

At the interface of computer science (CS) and other fields (X), Caltech researchers are getting together to radically accelerate discovery.

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CS + Astronomy, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Seismology …

Katie Bouman

Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences and Electrical Engineering; Rosenberg Scholar

CS + Causation

Frederick Eberhardt

Professor of Philosophy

CS + Chemistry

Tom Miller

Professor of Chemistry

CS + Control Theory and Synthetic Biology

Michaëlle Mayalu

Postdoctoral Scholar

CS + Geophysics

Zachary Ross

Assistant Professor of Geophysics