Issue 3: June 2017


First. That is before all others; earliest in time or serial order, foremost in position, rank, or importance.

Freq. as a numeral adjective, the ordinal of ONE.

adj., n., and pron. (written 1st).

—Oxford English Dictionary


Scroll on to learn about some Caltech firsts.

First Place

Dory blew her competition out of the water. Well, not literally. She didn’t even use her torpedoes. But she did outperform 36 other robots in the 2016 Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International RoboSub Competition. Find out more about Dory and her makers—the Caltech Robotics Team.

She’s got dexterity, speed, and all-around smarts. And her impatience is a virtue.


First in Her Family

When she found out she got into Caltech and received a full scholarship, Bianca Lepe (BS ’16) screamed—and her mom cried. Watch to learn more about Bianca’s road to and through Caltech.

First in a Long Line

Are Caltech’s contributions to the world immeasurable? One quantifiable assessment: Per capita, Caltech’s alumni are more likely than any other U.S. university’s to be elected to the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine. Here are a few more ways that Caltech faculty members and alumni have been recognized for their creative and important contributions.