The Quantum Future

Caltech scientists and engineers are making advances in quantum physics that will transform what we know about the universe and create new methods of communication, computation, and materials design. These methods will open the door for breakthroughs in areas spanning cybersecurity, finance, medicine, renewable energy, and science itself. Caltech has been at the forefront of quantum information science for decades. By investing here, you can help drive the future of science and technology.

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Two Years In, the Campaign Continues to Create New Possibilities

Since its public launch in April 2016, Break Through: The Caltech Campaign has broken Institute fundraising records. While Break Through looks to secure Caltech’s future as a source of discovery for the world, the campaign already is making an imprint on campus and beyond by supporting Caltech people who are pursuing big questions and bold ideas.

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Everything Is Everything

Xie Chen is a theorist working at the edge of science and engineering, where ideas straight out of science fiction abut the future of computing—and, thus, the future of our plugged-in society. Nominally, she’s a condensed matter physicist exploring quantum systems. But Chen isn’t concerned with neatly drawn lines between disciplines.

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