From foundational studies in molecular biology to current trials of a thought-controlled robotic arm, Caltech research has unlocked secrets of the brain. At Caltech, scholars connect naturally across a continuum from the basic biology of brain function to understanding human interaction, advancing basic discovery, neuro-inspired technologies, and medical treatments. Bolstered by the infrastructure and synergies of Caltech’s campus-wide neuroscience initiative, your gift can go far.

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Earlier Help for Anorexia

The most life-threatening of all psychiatric disorders is anorexia nervosa. Caltech neuroscientist Cindy Hagan is searching for detectable differences in brain structure and function that could help doctors identify early warning signs of the disorder, and help patients sustain or regain health.

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What Makes Up a Mind

Imagine if you were paralyzed and unable to communicate. Your loved ones and doctors would have no way of knowing whether you felt at peace or were suffering. Currently, brain scans could not tell us how you feel. Ralph Adolphs (PhD ’93) would like to change that.

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