Flexible Funding

Doors of discovery open when Caltech has funds at the ready to advance scholars’ best ideas. Discretionary resources empower leadership to nimbly and efficiently support researchers who ask the most difficult and important questions. They allow Caltech to make smart bets by investing in areas where there is potential for high reward. And, most important, they create an environment where faculty and students know they have the support of the entire institution—which inspires even more creativity and courage.

To start a conversation about your potential gift, email give@caltech.edu or call (626) 395-4863.

A Multifaceted Gift to Caltech Grows from Gratitude

When asked what makes his alma mater special, Roger Davisson (BS ’65, MS ’66) frames his thoughts with a literary allusion. “Walt Whitman wrote, ‘I contain multitudes,’” he says. “Well, Caltech contains multitudes. The Institute has some of the brightest and best minds, and they gather across disciplines in a way that I don’t think happens elsewhere. For a small school, the amount of stuff that’s going on is truly remarkable.”

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Two Years In, the Campaign Continues to Create New Possibilities

Since its public launch in April 2016, Break Through: The Caltech Campaign has broken Institute fundraising records. While Break Through looks to secure Caltech’s future as a source of discovery for the world, the campaign already is making an imprint on campus and beyond by supporting Caltech people who are pursuing big questions and bold ideas.

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