Graduate Fellowships

Caltech graduate students are the scientists and engineers of tomorrow—and today. They accelerate research projects every day, enliven our campus with new ideas, and inspire faculty mentors as well as other students to try novel approaches. Caltech’s ability to advance discovery depends upon recruiting the most promising and creative graduate scholars from all backgrounds. With your fellowship gift, you give students the freedom, resources, and community they need to pursue big ideas on the path to breakthroughs.

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Fellowship Honors Caltech Physicist Sinclair Smith

A new endowed fellowship commemorates the life and contributions of Sinclair Smith (BS ʼ21, PhD ʼ24), a Caltech alumnus whose scientific and engineering expertise helped open a new window on the universe. Before his untimely death at 39 years of age, Smith was instrumental in building the drive for the 200-inch Hale Telescope at Palomar Observatory.

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The Math of Human + Machine

Maegan Tucker moves people. As a first-year graduate student in mechanical engineering at Caltech, she developed an accessory for walking canes that vibrates to alert users when they may be in danger of falling. She researches ankle exoskeletons that could help people with ambulatory impairments walk farther with less effort, and full-body suits that could return mobility to those who have lost it.

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Amgen Foundation Honors David Baltimore with Gift to Caltech

The Amgen Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the biotechnology company, has committed $7.5 million for a suite of graduate fellowships in biochemistry and molecular biophysics that will provide Caltech students exceptional latitude in their studies of the molecular basis of life. The fellowship program is in the name of Caltech president emeritus and Nobel laureate David Baltimore.

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