Next-Generation Astronomy

Twenty years ago, we knew only of planets in our solar system, and gravitational waves were just a prediction of Einstein’s theories. Now—thanks in great part to Caltech’s unmatched access to observatories and leadership in inventing new instruments, approaches, and theories—we have identified thousands of planets orbiting other suns, and Caltech and MIT shared the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for making Einstein’s prediction a reality. With your support, Caltech scholars can uncover even more secrets about the structure and evolution of the universe.

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Go Ahead, Jump

The ballerina is an avatar of certain qualities—among them the ambition, skill, and courage to take bold leaps. Offstage, ballet lover Rachel Theios has infused those same characteristics into her budding research career in astronomy. Pursuing her first publication as a Caltech graduate student, she has shown the vision and bravery to question some of the fundamentals of her field.

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