February 15, 2019

Break Through on the Road Brings Campaign Impact to Los Angeles

On February 9, more than 300 Caltech alumni, Associates members, and other friends gathered in downtown Los Angeles for a day of discovery that gave guests an opportunity to connect with each other and learn about groundbreaking work under way across campus, much of it supported by Break Through: The Caltech Campaign.

The afternoon’s “Scientific Adventures” program included sessions on efforts to ensure election integrity, illuminate the functions of noncoding genes in normal and disease states, understand microbial networks in our oceans that could have implications for climate science, and create better and more sustainable batteries.

The evening presentations provided glimpses into progress on implantable and wearable biomedical devices that promise to transform medical care, the search for the elusive Planet Nine, and plans to develop robots that can perform functions ranging from restoring human mobility to exploring uncharted terrains.

Watch the video that debuted at the event:

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